Mountain Biking

Mike and I at Pando Just before the Pro race (I wish this was in color)
This picture is from my second race, the first race I was there alone so I have no pictures. I had some trouble, but placed well.
The race this pictures was taken at, I broke my collar bone in the beginning of the first lap and couldn’t finish. This was my first pro race, but also my last race, I had to give up training as my work started getting very busy.
I had been training with another pro for over a year and was ready. The person I was racing with placed 3rd and I was pretty much his equal, when we raced in training it would go back and forth, usually whoever was in front stayed in front, so if I got a better start I’d win and if he got a better start, well, he’d win. I was offered  sponsorship if I just placed, but the prediction was I’d place in the top 5, I’ll never know 🙁