Our Wedding

weding-primaPrima and I met on the internet in the spring of 2001. You can read more about that on the “Our Story” page. I went to Thailand for two weeks to meet her in June. During that two weeks we decided we would get married.
Prima came from Thailand to meet me in Chicago on January 1st 2002. We had a wonderful drive home, there was lake effect snow falling gently and it was her first time driving in snow. we had a quiet dinner in a small restaurant somewhere between Chicago and Grand Rapids.
We decided not to hesitate getting married. We decided we would have  the pastor from my parents church marry us, that was on January 9. Then we decided to plan a formal wedding at a later date. This first wedding was small, Prima, my parents, myself and of course the pastor. It was held in the pastors office at Richmond Reformed Church.
Our second wedding was on April 26 2002 at the Central Seventh Day Adventist Church. The church is beautiful, stained glass windows and a design from a time long since past. The church was illuminated by the sun coming in through the large stained glass window in the front, giving it a beautiful unique effect, but also making it hard to get good pictures. Even though Prima’s close family couldn’t make it she did have relatives there from Illinois.
After the ceremony we had an informal reception at my parents church. We did the ceremonial cake cutting and Prima was able to meet many of my relatives.

This is a movie of our wedding, if you want to see it and don’t have a high speed connection it would be better to download it and play it on your computer.