For anyone that comes across this page, I didn’t make it to show how many concerts I went to, because as you can see, I haven’t been to many. I just made this page to help me keep track because as I get older, it gets harder to place dates with shows
I wish I could have made it to see Led Zeppelin, April Wine, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Journey, Boston and Styx (although I did kinda see Styx) but these were some of the  best, especially
RUSH, they put on a show that is mind blowing. Yes is the last concert I went too. I stopped going to concerts, I feel they charge way too much for what you get, but that last concert I was kind of forced to go. Steve Johnson, back in Lansing, Michigan didn’t like the idea that my fav group was making a stop in Hawaii and I wasn’t going, so he mailed me the tickets, how could I say no to that, and it was probably their best performance, and even more, they were accompanied by the Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra.
R.E.O. Speedwagon (You Get What You Play For) Grand Valley Dome, Allendale, April 19, 1978
Harry Chapin Aquinas College, Grand Rapids February 5,1979
RUSH (Permanent Waves) & 38 Special Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo April 23, 1980
Blue Oyster Cult (Cultosaurus Erectus) Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo October 7, 1980
Ozzy Osbourne ( Blizzard of Ozz)/Def Leppard (High 'N' Dry) The Welsh, Grand Rapids August 30, 1981
RUSH (Moving Pictures) Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo February 20, 1981
Ted Nugent (Intensities in 10 Cities) The Welsh, Grand Rapids June 23, 1981
Sammy Hagar (Standing Hampton) & Aldo Nova Van Andel, Grand Rapids, Michigan April 11, 1982
YES (90125) - Bugs Bunny Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan March 04, 1984
YES (90125) Ft. Wyoming, Wyoming Michigan August 18, 1984
Cars & Wang Chung Northern Star, Mecosta, MI August 11, 1984
Aerosmith & Autograph L.C. Walker Arena, Muskegon January 14, 1985
Marillion (Misplaced Childhood) DeVos hall, Grand Rapids, MI March 27, 1986
Crosby, Stills & Nash Ft. Wyoming, Wyoming Michigan August 20, 1987
It Bites (Eat Me In St Louis) Stadium Arena, Grand Rapids 1989
YES Union (in the round) Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan May 03, 1991
Styx (didn't actually enter) Val-du-Lakes Amphitheater Silver Lake June 9, 1991
Grateful Dead Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI June 19 & 20, 1991
YES (Union) Pine Knob, Clarkston, Michigan July 30, 1991
Joe Walsh - Ordinary Average Guy tour Club Eastbrook, Grand Rapids, Michigan July 24, 1991
Ozzy Osbourne Castle Farms, Charlevoix Michigan July 1991
Reggae Sun Splash Fallasburg park, Lowell MI  
Reggae Fun Splash (Bop Harvey) Castle Farms, Charlevoix Michigan 1993
Phish (Rift) Club Eastbrook, Grand Rapids, Michigan August, 11, 1993
Phish MSU Auditorium, Lansing, Michigan November 18,1994
YES (Open Your Eye's) Van Andel, Grand Rapids, Michigan November 05, 1997
Phish Van Andel, Grand Rapids, Michigan November 11, 1998
Moody Blues Van Andel, Grand Rapids, Michigan 06/18/1998
Santana (Supernatural) Van Andel, Grand Rapids, Michigan 08/21/2002
YES (Magnification) Hawaii (second best show I’ve ever seen)
Blaisdel Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii September 27, 2003